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OurHouseForRent Premium Services:

Post your “Featured” rental property listing. Includes yard & directional signs.
We syndicate your listing to local & national partner websites.

We will house sit your property until rents . We take care of your pets, lawn, household, shopping, errands, and more.

We professionally clean out any type of rental properly. Free estimates.

We professionally take photos / video of home or property that is a rental property. Photos are taken inside and/or outside of property.

OurHouseForRent’s Vision: is looking for resourceful, innovative and reward-seeking professionals.
This includes experienced and motivated self-starters who like the excitement and energy of a start-up environment. We are a fast-growing, fast-paced real estate internet advertising service. 

About OurHouseForRent

OurHouseForRent is a local and national non-Licensed real estate advertising service. OurHouseForRent is not your traditional real estate company in fact we cater to owners,  agents,  agencies, brokers, investors. We rely on our sales representatives  to generate listings, take photos, and more.

We are a dynamic online real estate advertising service, whose focus is to significantly reduce the amount of advertising expense, and real estate commissions homeowners pay when advertising a home.

Eliminating some listing expenses saves our customers hundreds of dollars.

OurHouseForRent is also dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship. OurHouseForRent provides our advertising sales representatives an opportunity to build and manage their own real estate advertising business by offering our easy and innovative products while maintaining a healthy balance between career and family.

DISCLAIMER: is not a licensed real estate broker in any state in the United States and chooses not to be licensed. is an advertising service only, and does not knowingly perform any duties or services which require a license. Owners and renters of real estate have the right to privately transact real estate without the assistance or services of a real estate broker.

Meet OurHouseForRent team:

Steve Struble

Online Sales Manager


Emily Austin
Marketing Director


Donna Reed
Customer Care


Russell Price
Creative Director

OurHouseForRent was built with your success in mind

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