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The Importance Of Building A Wholesale List For Investment Properties

The Importance Of Building A Wholesale List For Investment Properties


By Craig A Williams

Let me first take the time to define what a wholesale list is to me as a real estate investor. A real estate wholesaler is someone who sells property to other investors without dealing with the general public like one would normally sell a investment property. Of course it is obvious that the bigger the list you have the more potential buyers you can get for a property. But you may be thinking that you want to sell a property on the market for the largest amount of money possible. When I first started in the real estate investing business I did not feel any need for a whole list of any kind, but then I started to learn the real value of such a list.

Benefits of a wholesale list.

Selling Investment Property.

The main benefit from a wholesale list is having a group of people that you can call and see if there is any interest on a property that you just bought before you actually have to get in there and do any work. You may find that a quick small profit would be a great way to turn a investment property fast. You can just call or email your list and make them offers. I found that when you are dealing with your wholesale list, the people are very smart and know exactly what a house is worth so a high offer price by me will usually never work. In fact it may even make the potential buyers think that you are trying to pull something over on them. I found that you have to treat the investors fairly and you might develop a long term profitable relationship for the both of you.

Some investments you may want to keep and they fit into your investment strategies perfectly. But what about all the other properties that you hear about that you never even consider because you have no desire to buy a property in a particular area or a some other deciding factor. Remember every investor is looking for something different. That is where a very detailed wholesale list including what types of properties the investor is specifically looking for comes in handy. Most investors will offer some kind of reward if you find them a good deal, and that is for just for letting them know about the deal. While others may just buy the property from you before the ink on the sales contract dries. In either case both parties benefit.

Acquiring investment property.

As a investor when you are building your list, you also help the other investor build there list at the same time. You can give them detailed specifics of the type of investment property that you are looking for at the same time. I always say that the more leads that you have the better. Before you know it you will be getting calls from the other investors on properties that may be very interesting to you. A lot of these properties tend to be inside deals that you never would have heard about anyway. It does not hurt to have many avenues to buy property and in most cases it benefits the real estate investor greatly.

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