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Tenants Can Disappear – Something Every Landlord Should Know

Tenants Can Disappear – Something Every Landlord Should Know

By Craig A Williams

Most of the books and resources that I have read on landlord tenant relations tells you what to do in the event of a financial wrong done to you by a tenant. I understand how to sue a tenant for the money that they owe you but the problem I run into is finding them to do just that. You may win a default judgment but you may never collect the money. I have won many judgments when I first started but I am yet to collect a dime. The courts really don’t go out of their way to find a party to a lawsuit because they don’t have the manpower. I guess I could hire a private investigator to hunt down the tenant but how much would that cost?

When a tenant moves out of a property that I own owing me money I just write it off to experience and move on. To tell you the truth some tenants that leave become virtually untraceable. In some cases tenants become very wise in the art of hiding their existence. The normal ways of finding a problem tenant usually don’t work. Here are some ways that you may find them.


A lot of times the reason that the tenant got behind is because they lost their job in the first place. Now they may go from job to job or worse yet for you, work for cash with no record at all.


Most tenants leave a high utility bill at the previous place lived so they may not be able to get the utilities turned on in their name.


This would be easy if all you had to do was pick up the phone book and get their name a address. Unfortunately I have never seen a problem tenant even have a phone. They may have a cell phone but usually of the pay as you go variety.

You can probably think of many other ways that you could find someone but they are all very difficult to work properly. The best way to save money is to remove the tenant before the amount that they owe you gets to high. This may make you look like the bad guy but you will not be out a lot of money that you may never collect.

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