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Foreclosure on Rental Properties

Foreclosure on Rental Properties

By Rob E Yates

It is very easy to purchase a home after it has gone through the foreclosure process. The best way to buy a foreclosure home is to talk to the bank that owns the property, negotiate a price, and be sure that property you are buying is right for you. If you are looking to purchase it to rent, look at it from the renter’s view. If you don’t like it, they most probably won’t either.

If you have seen a property that you absolutely love and know it recently went into foreclosure and didn’t sell, you can purchase it. When a property is put up for auction and doesn’t sell, the bank becomes the owning entity. Banks don’t want to own foreclosure homes and are very happy to see someone who is serious about buying a foreclosure home from them. Always talk to the financial institution that owns the property, let them know you are serious about purchasing the property, and they will do everything in their power to help you make your purchase.

Banks are sometimes so desperate to sell a foreclosure home that they are willing to negotiate just about any price. Some buyers have been known to get a price as low as 50% of the original asking price because they were good at negotiating. The truth is that if a bank knows that they have a buyer that can afford to take a property off of their hands, they will take whatever amount of money they can get. Always give a bank a low offer. This doesn’t mean take 5,000 off the original price. You should make sure your first bid is at least around 40% off the asking price.

It is always important to be sure the foreclosure you would like to purchase is right for you. Banks have the keys to the homes and they can provide you access to the inside if you want to get a feel for the home you wish to purchase. The purchase of a home is always a very big deal and one should never buy a home without going inside first.

Anyone can buy a foreclosure home, even after they don’t sell at an auction. Never think that properties are off limits or currently unavailable. This is never the case. If you are finally qualified to buy a home and want to buy something at a low cost so you are financially safe, a foreclosure home is always a smart option. When homes do not sell at the auctions, talk to the bank that owns the home. Negotiate the price of the property and be sure you get the lowest price possible.

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